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Creative Makeups.

Special Effects. Body Paint. Character creation.

Jeckyl & Hyde Recreation.jpg

Let's get creative.

Do you have a specific vision in mind? Let me take your ideas and bring it to life. I like to think that no idea is out of reach. Because your job is unique and requires special attention to detail, please contact me by phone or email to talk over the details.

What's available?

Listed below are services we offer, but we are not limited to only those on the site! Does your project fall into a category not listed here? Send me an email and let's figure out how we can make it happen.

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Halloween Face Paint.jpg
Halloween Face Paint.jpg


Theater - Live Performance - Living statues.

Theater, Comedy, Street Art, etc.


Personal Event Makeups

Halloween, Cosplay, Conventions, etc.

Specialty Makeup for TV/ Film.

Aging, Special effects, Character design, Educational trauma reenactment, etc.

Body & Face Paint

Photo shoots, nightclub or sporting events, parties for kids or adults, Painted baby bumps, etc.

*Face painting for parties is a 2 hour minimum booking window for $200 + potential travel fee. $75/hour after two hours.

*Full body paint pricing starts at $300.

Nightclub Events

Enchant your customers by transforming your staff into something to match your theme for the night. Zombies, Vampires, Alice in Wonderland theme, etc.


Every job requires a different amount of time, materials, cost to create, and knowledge of how to make your vision come to life. Because of this, each job will come with a customized quote and rate.

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